Marine Rescue

In November 2016, the Board announced that WBSLSC will be re-launching the Marine Rescue Service for the 2016/2017 season.

The Service will be limited initially (year 1) as we build the necessary crews with experience. But we have the view of expanding the service to a full 365 day service as the teams mature (in years 2–5). 

The Marine Rescue Service will be set up as an integrated service within the WBSLSC structure in the same way that all our services are provided.


The Board agreed to appoint Ray Henderson at the Marine Rescue Captain and to support Ray to put in place the necessary teams to deliver the service.

Ray will put together teams consisting Coxswain, Crew Members including a  swimmer or another structure that will be viable.


If you are interested in joining the Service please contact us via the 'contact us'​​​​​​​ page and we look forward to building a strong and viable service with you!