The Active Patrol are the volunteer life savers who keep our beach safe.

​​​​​​​ As the numbers of holiday makers at Sandy Point swells over the Summer from 300 local residents to over 3,000 our active Patrol member dedicate their Summers to keeping us all safe.

Every year a number of our patrol members dedicate over 100 plus hours of time to patrol.

Enormous preparation goes into getting ready for the Patrol season with the Active committee setting training dates, patrol rosters and conducting activities like gear inspection.

The 2019/2020 Patrol season commences Saturday 30th November 2019 and concludes on Sunday 13th April 2020.

Patrol hours are as follows:

Period A:

30 November to 25 December 2019

Saturday Start: 1:00pm

Finish: 4:30pm

Sunday / Public Holidays Start: 10:30am

Finish: 4:00pm

Period B:

26 December 2019 to 26 January 2020

Saturday Start: 1:00pm

Finish: 5:30pm

Sunday / Public Holidays Start: 10:00am

Finish: 5:30pm

Period C:

27 January to 13 April 2020

Saturday Start: 1:00pm

Finish: 4:30pm

Sunday / Public Holidays Start: 10:30am

Finish: 4:00am

The 2019/2020 Patrol Leadership positions are as follows:

Club Captain: Aidan Moriarty

Vice Club Captain: Jameson Trainor

Vice Club Captain: Keegan Clarke 

Junior Club Captain: Sarah Seddon

Patrol Captain #1: Jameson Trainor 

VPC: Eden Cahir & Imogen Braun

Patrol Captain #2: Lucas Osborn

VPC: Erin Rouget & Sarah Kennedy

Patrol Captain #3: Keegan Clarke

VPC: Tom Murray & Amity Clarke

Patrol Captain #4: Sam Day

VPC: Aaron Farrell & Ben Makowski

Patrol Captain #5: Aidan Matthews

VPC:  Jack Kennedy & Sarah Seddon

Chief Instructor: Laura Brooks

IRB Captain: Aaron Farrell 

First Aid Officer: Jess Horsburgh

VFAO: Sarah Kennedy

Board Captain: Aiden Matthews

Radio Officer: Lucas Osborn


The WBSLSC Nippers Program aims to encourage participation in all activities.

The vision for our Nippers Program is to provide a safe and friendly environment where both Nippers and parents can learn and enhance their knowledge about surf life saving and to prepare our Nippers to eventually be patrolling members of our club.

We encourage all children to do their best and develop to their full potential, whilst learning new skills and having fun.

Throughout the season our key focus is:

1. Safety First

2. Do your Best

3. Have Fun

We have only one major rule at Nippers: NO THROWING SAND

Nippers is proudly supported by:

The Dell Family

Program Details 

For all Nipper Program dates, please click here for the Calendar.

Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

(with a sausage sizzle at the end of our session on Friday)


Sign in at 9:15am

Session start/finish:


Please arrive early so we can get organised and maximise our time on the beach!

How old does my child need to be to participate in Nippers?

At Waratah Beach SLSC we are offering the Nippers program to children in Age categories Under 6 to Under 14. 

Children are appointed to a particular age group each season based on their age on 30 September each year.

You can use the table below to work out the age group for your child.

For our smallest Nippers:

Children must be 5 years old to participate in Nippers.  Children who turn 5 years old after 30 September in the current season will be required to join as an U/6, for the current and following season. If your child turns 5 years old during the season (between 27 December and 17 January), they cannot start Nippers until after their birthday.


5 Years Old

6 Years Old

7 Years Old

8 years Old

9 Years Old

10 Years Old

11 Years Old

12 Years Old

13 Years Old

14 Years Old

Junior Activity Group

Participate as Under 6

Participate as Under 7

Participate as Under 8

Participate as Under 9

Participate as Under 10

Participate as Under 11

Participate as Under 12

Participate as Under 13 or we recommend you complete the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)  
We recommend you complete Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)  


How to register for Nippers?


There are TWO STEPS to becoming a Nipper:

1. Your Nipper becomes a NEW member of the Club or you RENEW your Club Membership from last season

2.  PAY for your Nipper (or Family) membership

What does it cost? Membership

To join the Nipper program your Nipper needs to be member of the Club and to be a member you
need to purchase a Junior Membership ($65.00 per child)  or Family Membership ($145.00).  
The Nipper program is included in your membership fee

To participate in the program it is compulsory that all Nippers are wearing the Pink Rashie and Club Cap.

These can be purchased from the Club at the start of Nippers for a fee (Rashie $15.00 and Club Cap $10.00).

Nearly everything you need to know about Nippers....

The WBSLSC Junior Parent/Guardian Handbook contains nearly everything that you need to know about the Nippers Program.

It contains important and useful information that ensures the success of our season – everything from Behavioural Codes of Conduct and what to bring to Nippers to a sample session plan.